Best Sound Of Chill 2018

Best Sound of Chill & Lounge 2018  (33 Chillout Downbeat Songs with Ibiza Mallorca Feeling)

After having reached the Top 10 of the Electronic charts with the first compilation, the label Freebeat Music Records is now releasing the seventh edition. Best Sound of Chill & Lounge 2018 presents many brand-new songs published for the first only on this compilation. This time you will hear the brand-new highlight from “Audiozoom” The Session In The City (Jazzy Lounge Mix), Soundset City “You Are My Angel”, a smooth vocal Lounge Mix. Also you will hear new songs by Artenovum, Jean Mare, Nightbar Jazz, Nightview and many more. On “Best Sound of chill & lounge 2018” you will find a wide spectrum of genre typical songs. You will be confined of fascinated, wonderful soundscapes and jazzy grooves. Enjoy the relaxing moments with international artists of this style. Let swing your body and soul and chill at the sound of these 33 great tracks.

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  1. Audiozoom – The session in the city (Jazzy Lounge Mix)
  2. Nightview – just for one cafe (deep Lounge City Mix)
  3. Artenovum – Colours Of My Mind (Deep East Cut)
  4. Richard Bonnée – Cliffhanger (Deep Electronic Cut)
  5. Jean Mare – offshore desert (Chilltronic Mix)
  6. Soundset City – you are my angel (Smooth Vocal Lounge Mix)
  7. Nightbar Jazz – City Route (nu trumpet Jazz Mix)
  8. Nightbar Jazz – very smooth (Metropolitan Mix)
  9. Nightzoom – red rose  (Goovy City Mix)
  10. Jean Mare – nouveau (Lounge House Mix)
  11. Bernon – Don’t let go (Chillhouse Voices Cut)
  12. Beatwork – Impulse (Retro Chillwave Mix)
  13. Danny D – Pleasure in pain (Vocal Mix)
  14. Blackbox Ego – Moon
  15. Artenovum – Angel Eyes (Mystic Ethno Mix)
  16. Jean Mare – moments in paradise (Morphing Thru Time Mix)
  17. Artenovum – mystic love
  18. Friendly Breaks – dulcitonia (Odyssey of the Mind Mix)
  19. Buddhatronic – human (Whispering Cut)
  20. Pascheba – In Dreams (Spoken Word Mix)
  21. Sunscape Project – nice inspiration Voices in the wideness Mix)
  22. Soundset City – space drops (Lounge House Mix)
  23. Nightview – smokers corner (Chill House Mix)
  24. Audiozoom – deep virus Smooth jazztronic cut)
  25. Bernon – cafe time (Sol Del Mar Mix)
  26. Nightzoom – deep moon (Tronic Lounge Mix)
  27. CiYou – look into my eyes (Cool Groove Mix)
  28. Soundset City – Spacy Key (Lounge Mix)
  29. Artenovum – Enigmatic Ornaments (East Voices Downbeat Mix)
  30. The Space Ensemble Project – the others Another Dream Chillout Mix)
  31. Jean Mare – discover a nu world (In The Light Mix)
  32. Artenovum – lovely day (Inspiration Dream Mix)
  33. Lebensart – Dreamtime (Artenovum Chillout Mix)

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